Luxury Desert Glamping Resorts

Project Location: Jordan, the Middle East.

Luxury Desert Glamping Resorts in The Middle East

As we all know, an outdoors camping in the desert, especially when you live in a simple tent, often means tough and difficult. Even if you love camping, you might sometimes be tempted to experience amazing landscapes with a little more luxury.

However, why not go glamping when you can choose a more comfortable and luxury lifestyle? With glamping, you don’t have to drag heavy camping equipment and put up the tents by yourselves.

So, let’s take a look at the unique desert campsite in the Middle East desert, and see what you will get from this luxury desert glamping adventure.


Memorable Glamping Experience in Jordan Desert

When you are on an outdoor desert trip, what do you expect to get from it? Spectacular scenery, considerate service, delicious food, or comfortable accommodation? You can enjoy everything above if you are glamping in this desert campsite.

There are different styles of glamping tents to choose from. The design of Peak Lodge Tent is full of local features, both in the exterior and interior. Panoramic Dome Igloo provides a perfect indoor viewing platform to the breathtaking desert landscape. In addition, there is a dia.25m catering dome for reception and banquet.

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