Multi-type of Glamping Tent Solution for Jungle Resort

Turnkey Tent Solution for Integrated Jungle Resort

As the leading glamping tent manufacturer in China, Glitzcamp has successfully offered the clients their turnkey tent solutions to build luxury resorts or campsites around the world. No matter where your campsite is, Glitzcamp always uses their extensive experience to assist you with the glamping business.

This time, Glitzcamp has set up a comprehensive jungle resort, which is themed of maze world. Our client, the owners of the jungle theme park, wants to build a comprehensive resort, including shopping, catering, accommodation, entertainment and outdoor activities, etc. This jungle resort is a large-scale mount campsite integrating family outing, farmhouse tourism, unique glamping, natural landscape and local culture.
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Different Glamping Tents for Multi Purposes Space

In order to meet the demands of our customers, Glitzcamp totally offers 5 different types of glamping tents for different purposes, namely geodesic dome igloo, oval dome tent, glass dome house, triple-peak luxury lodge and special connecting dome.

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Dia.6m Starry Dome Igloo

The geodesic dome igloos have good weather resistance, suitable for 2 people glamping in the jungle. The clear bay window and skylight provide people a perfect view of the outside green world.

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31sqm Pearl Oval Dome

With interior space of 31.4sqm, the oval dome tent can contain one bedroom and one bathroom. For outdoor accommodation, this will be a luxurious and comfortable suite.

Glass Living Dome-glass dome hotel for jungle park-glass living domes for 2 men lodging-glass clear tent for forest resorts-glamping dome tents for sale-glitzcamp (1)

Transparent Glass Living Dome

This dia.6m glass dome house is completely transparent because of clear tempered glass cover, offering people a 360° panoramic view to admire the outside sceneries.

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Connecting Dome Tent

Glitzcamp tactfully connects three individual spherical tents with walkway tunnels, thus creating a multi-application space for banquet, entertainment and indoor activities for campsites and resorts.

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Multi-peak Lodge Tent

Inside such a lodge tent, there are all kinds of living facilities, including a king-size bed, sofa, air conditioner, and even bathtub…Just enjoy a unique and luxury glamping holiday inside the lodges!

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