Perfect Holiday Getaway to Myogi-Yama Glamping Resort

Luxury Glamping Resort in Japan

In the past few years, Glamping has gradually become popular around the world, which is an amalgamation of glamour and camping. If you want to spend an unusual outdoor vacation, a luxury glamping trip is something you shouldn’t miss.

Recently, Glitzcamp completed the construction of a mountain glamping resort in Japan, which caused heated discussions in the Japanese media. Whether you are a local resident or a foreign tourist, this glamping resort is an ideal destination for a perfect holiday getaway.

Unique Location in Myogi-Yama

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Stunning View of Myogi-yama

Endowed with a unique location, this glamping resort faces majestic Myogi-yama. With a variety of grotesque rocks, Myogi-yama is known as “One of Japan’s Three Wonders”. Since there are no obstacles in front of this camp, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Myogi-yama in different seasons. Especially when autumn arrives, red leaves dye the whole mountain, forming a beautiful picture that will make any viewers speechless.

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Myogi-yama in Morning Light

Picture yourself in such a scene: In the early morning, you are awakened by the song of birds. When you come out, you can see the mountains surround four sides and a few stars still sparkle in the deep blue sky. As time goes by, Myogi-yama is bathed under morning glow, and everything falls into quiet and peace. It is beyond words to describe such a natural beauty.

Customized Glamping Dome Tent

This time, because of the camp’s location on a hill, considering the day-night temperature difference and the temperature drop in winter (probably below 0°C), Glitzcamp provides custom-made geodome tents with insulated layer for the owner.

In addition, to meet the needs of hosting visitors, besides dia.6m dome hotels for glamping lodge, Gliztcamp also set up a dia.10m dome igloo for reception and dining.

1.Dia.6m Dome Hotel for Glamping Accommodation

With a diameter of 6m, the dome tent has a spacious interior that totally reaches 28 sqm. The roomy living space is enough to accommodate 4 people. Inside the tent, coffee table, dressing mirror, air conditioner and other facilities are available easily. Best of all, there is an astronomical telescope in front of the window for watching the stars.

Glitzcmap creates a nice and cozy accommodation space for the lodgers. Such a place is so perfect for family and friends to travel together. Just sitting and chatting with your important, that’s a wonderful and luxurious thing.

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2.Dia.10m Dome Igloo for Reception and Cafe

Measuring 10m in diameter, this dome tent plays multiple roles in the luxury resort. First of all, it is used as a reception room to check in and check out. Once you walk into the dome, you will be greeted with a warm smile from the host.

In addition, this dome igloo also undertakes the function of catering and recreation. There are a beverage corner and dining tables inside. You can sit in front of the transparent window with your partner, then appreciate the beautiful mountain while tasting the authentic sake.

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