Compared with dia 8m dome tent, Glitzcamp dia 8m Pearl Oval Dome has more advantageous in terms of functional partitions and vision. With an elliptical shape and less but high strength steel tubes, it features in flexible layout between bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom and you would not feel woozy when looking up the large igloo roof shape.

With the small but complete sustainable concept, each foot makes sense in a Glitzcamp oval tent which nets 31.4 sqm(338 sqft) interior area. The geodesic oval tent has been engineered to for hurricane winds(up to 120km/h(75mph) and snow. The tent fabric is optional waterproof, rot & mold resistant polyester and canvas etc, which is especially hold up under high winds, lashing rain, heavy snow and high moisture climates.

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Best Season:All Seasons
Popular Location:Beach,Coast,Farm,Pasture,Desert,

Pearl Oval Dome