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  • Application Jungle Park, Ranch&Farm Campsite, Safari Resort
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    • Life span & Warranty 15 years
    • Capacity Small Group
      2-4 people

    28sqm Deluxe Igloo Dome Tent for Homestay Rental Business

    Igloo Dome Tent Hotel for Idle Lands Business

    At present, the “Idle Economy” is becoming a new trend in the world. Especially for idle lands, there is huge potential for profit. If you have some vacant lands in hands, it is a very good investment to develop rental business.

    Our glamping tents are semi-permanent prefabricated buildings that can be quickly built and demolished at any time, without damaging the terrain and the environment. So they are really perfect for developing idle lands businesses.

    One of our clients installs 3 sets of igloo dome tents in the Philippines for homestay rental business. And it has got a good benefit at the start of the operation. How do our dome igloos help to the idle lands business? Maybe the following text can help you find the answer.

    Unique Spherical Appearance and Deluxe Decorative Style

    Firstly, the appearance appeal of homestays is vital for improving room occupancies. our Starry dome igloo is a unique hemispherical construction different from traditional buildings. The geometric aesthetic is fully demonstrated in the shape of our geodomes. In addition to this aspect, the spherical structure also helps to enhance the support force for the tent itself and interior hangings. That is, the igloo dome tent is totally freestanding without any support column inside.

    Therefore, the interior space of the domes can be fully utilized and freely deployed. Although only 28.26sqm, the dia.6m dome house has a basic partition of a bedroom with two 1.5m beds and a bathroom with a shower&toilet. Besides, there is a leisure area in front of the large bay window, where visitors can read a book or appreciate the outside views. There are a small fridge and a microwave near the sink, which will greatly enhance the comfort level especially in summer.

    All about the 28sqm Deluxe Igloo Dome Tent for Homestay Rental Business.

    Small Footprint for Easy Installation Anywhere

    As you can see on the right, the dome tent is set up in a small manor, surrounded by many low trees. Such a narrow environment has many restrictions on outdoor accommodation. Compared to log cabins or the brick houses, our igloo dome tents have a small footprint with suitable top height.

    What's more, Glitzcamp has developed a completed fixation method to firmly set your glamping hotel on any locations. Because of these unique superiorities, the geodome tents of Glitzcamp can be installed anywhere you want.

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    1. Parameters

      Dimension Dia.6m (Approx. 19 ft)
      Indoor Area 28.26 sqm(Approx. 304 sq.ft)
      Framework Material Powder-Coat Steel Pipes
      Covering Material PVDF Membrane
      Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2), Weather Protection, Shock Resistant
      Custom Service Multiple Options for Size, Covering Material and Fabric Color

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    Floor Plan of Starry Dome Igloo

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    Profile Map of Starry Dome Igloo

    Design Proposal
    Window PVC Window, Round Window, Triangular Window, Glass Window, Bay Window, Skylight Window
    Door Wooden Door, Glass Door, Aluminum Door
    Floor Cement/Wooden/Tile Floor, Carpet
    Temperature control system Insulated Cotton Layer, Fireplace
    Ventilation system/ HVAC Air Conditioner, Solar Exhaust Fan
    Cover Optional Colors for The Top
    Ohters Partition Wall, Curtain, etc

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    1. How long will it last?

      Our Eco living domes’ lifespan can be over 15 years if looked after as per our recommendations. They are made of strong aluminum alloy and quality glass. They are even strong enough to handle high winds and heavy rain as well. Additionally, you can store in a dry clean warehouse to extend its lifespan if you don’t use it for a while.

    2. Do I need planning permission for the dome?

      The domes are classified as temporary structures, so it is arguable that you do not need planning permission, especially if you decide to take them down over the winter period. However, every planning department is different and you may need consent for a change of use for the land the tent is placed on. You must check this with your local planning office or ask a planning consultant to do this on your behalf.

    3. How is the dome ventilated?

      Our domes are designed with ventilation in mind. The roof, door, round windows, and portions of the sidewalls can be replaced with screens. If your environment doesn't allow for screens, due to excessive rain fall, we recommend using a solar fan to aid in ventilation.

    4. How do I install a wood stove in it?

      There are a number of wood burning stoves and fitting kits we would recommend. You can do this yourself, if you are happy you won’t wreck your new tent. However, there are fitting services available too.

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