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  • Application Jungle Park, Lounge & Reception, Safari Resort
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    • Life span & Warranty 15 years
    • Capacity Small Group
      3-4 people

    African Style Safari Tent for Glamping Vacations

    African Style Safari Tent for Perfect Outdoor Life

    African Style Safari Tent is a fusion of natural wildness and modern luxury. For some people, occasionally they yearn for outdoor life close to nature, but hate the roughness and hardship of camping.

    At this time, African safari tent provides them with the best of both worlds. It perfectly solves the problems of outdoor accommodation, which allows you to experience the fun of camping in the wild and enjoy the convenience of high-quality life.

    An Ideal Glamping Tent House for Family Accommodation

    Are you looking for a wild yet luxury outdoor accommodation, suitable for small group’s stay? If so, the African safari tent is an ideal glamping accommodation for 2-4 people, especially suitable for family accommodation.

    African style safari tents are available in two standard sizes: 5×7.5, 5×10 meter. In this article, we show you our 5x10m safari tent design. Other sizes can also be custom made according to your requirements.

    The larger safari tent has an indoor area of 37sqm. With plenty of interior space, it can be designed with two separated bedrooms (master bedroom+children’s bedroom), a modern bathroom, a dining room and more room designs. Equipped with all necessary living facilities, it will be the perfect tent house for a family holiday! Also it could be used for a guest lounge, reception room, and so on. The indoor space of safari tents can be arranged flexibly for practical demands.

    18sqm Spacious Veranda with A Covered Roof

    Apart from the indoor rooms, each luxury safari tent also includes a spacious veranda of 18㎡. The outdoor veranda is a semi-open structure, which is covered by waterproof PVC tarpaulin. People’s daily activities won’t be affected by weather conditions during their stay.

    The large veranda of luxury safari tents is the perfect spot for family’s summer nights and offers them the ultimate enjoyment of glamping life.

    All about the African Style Safari Tent for Glamping Vacations.

    Sturdy Wooden Frame and High Quality Fabric

    African safari tent of Glitzcamp is mainly framed with wooden structure and is connected by stainless steel components. The wooden safari tent has a sturdy and stylish look, which is visually appealing.

    The roofing material of the safari tent is waterproof PVC tarpaulin and its sidewalls are made of high-quality canvas fabric. With many large mesh windows on the sidewalls, our safari tent hotel is well ventilated. This is very useful in hot summer or areas. In addition, the covering fabric has several options in colors and materials.

    As you can see on the right, the combination of wood color and dark green gives the safari tent more sense of the wild, thus making it suitable for any environment.

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    1. Parameters

      Dimension 5 x 10m (16.4 x 32.8ft)
      Building Area 56 Sqm(Approx. 603 sq.ft)
      Framework Material Wooden Structure
      Covering Material Waterproof PVC Roof and Canvas Sidewall
      Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Weather Protection, Shock Resistant

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    Design Proposal
    Bedroom Queen Size Bed, Bedside Table, Wardrobe, Lamp
    Bathroom Shower, Toilet, Basin, Dresser, Towel Cloth Rack etc
    Dining Room Kitchenware, Dining Table, Chairs etc
    Sidewall Canvas Wall
    Window Mesh Window, PVC Window
    Door Canvas Door
    Others Lining, Curtain, Floor, Carpet

    African Safari Tent Accessories-Glitzcamp

    1. How long will it last and is it safe?

      Our tents’ life span can be over 15 years if taken care of properly. This includes keeping proper tension and keeping the tent generally clean. They are all made of components that are all individually replaceable as they weather. Our tents are made of strong aluminum alloy material, stainless steel and quality PVC cover. They are constructed on a stable foundation, performing well in waterproof, wind-resistant and flame retardant.

    2. Do I need to take it down and store it over the winter?

      While this is possible, and may help with planning restrictions, there are some considerations for packing away the tent over the winter. Firstly, you will need a dry space to store the equipment. This has to be rodent free and the tent has to be packed down properly to avoid any rips or tears.

    3. How do I fit a wood burning stove in it?

      There are a number of wood burning stoves and fitting kits we would recommend. You can do this yourself, if you are happy you won’t wreck your new tent. However, there are fitting services available too.

    4. How much does shipping cost?

      There is no set price for shipping. Costs are depending on the quantity and the model of the tent you are ordering, as well as your port of destination. Please keep in mind that brokerage, duties, taxes, and other costs related to shipping/import at the destination country port, are not included in the freight quote estimate that we will send you.

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