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Common Glam Tents, Diverse Charm

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Building a glamping site can be regarded as installing a private planet following your dream and inspiration. Everyone has their own unique and special thought about how to decorate it. So the different “towner” will preform various characters, even though they are constructed with the same glam tents.

Interior Design Is The Key Point


Determine Theme And Audience

The first and significant step is to determine the theme of your glamping site and the audience. Then you should analyze the customer characteristics such as WHAT THEY NEED, and WHAT THEY LIKE. After you are clear about it, you can start to plan the capacity and the tent layout.


Determine Decoration Style

The next integral step is choosing the style of decoration. The surrounding environment, local culture, and also the characters of your clients is the key consideration to choose it. Some common styles such as the Japanese, American, European style is easy for the newcomer to design the glamping site. Once the style is confirmed, the way that you choose the furniture is clear.

Take this project as an example. It is a family glamping site located at the foot of the Pyrenees. Obviously, the frequent client is family – parents, and kids who need sufficient beds and a private entertainment and dining area. According to it, general graphic design may emerge.

Then let’s explore the decoration. Warmth is the most prominent feature of the parent-child room. Combine the natural environment and the request of clients, the glamping site owner choose the Morden countryside style and use some toys to impress the themes.

There is a thing that can’t be ignored. DON’T forget to probe your competitor and find out their advantage and disadvantage. Because difference and innovation are the most powerful weapon to defeat your competitors.

Everything will go well when you take the effort into your heart. When the positive feedback that your clients give to you, you will know that the result will not cheat on you.