Glamping Dome Series

Glamping Dome Series can be more creative and personalized in internal design and external structure. It’s easy to create your dream anywhere. We can build on city rooftops, in the remote wilderness, or in your own backyard. It illuminates with natural light creating an atmosphere of being close to nature in a comfortable and energy efficient environment.

With the installation of a simple ventilation system and a heating or cooling source, your dome will be cozy and comfortable, with a minimal use of energy. You’ll feel completely connected with your surrounding environment and scenery with windows, skylights, and doors artistically and/or strategically positioned. Different Glamping Dome Series styles like Starry dome igloo, Pearl oval domeWaterdrop podCocoon house, Glass living dome etc.

Starry Dome Igloo
Pearl Oval Dome
Waterdrop Pod
Cocoon House
Glass Living Dome