Tents for Desert Lotus Hotel

Luxury Lodge Tents for Glamping Resorts Project in Inner Mongolia

Glitzcamp – the subordinate company of Shelter Prefab Architecture, is honored to participate in the desert glamping resorts construction. Built in a remote desert in Inner Mongolia, this is the place where you can escape from the chaos, and completely relaxed.

Optional Products for Glamping Resorts Construction

Glitzcamp has developed a wide range of glamping tents products for desert resort construction.

  1. Luxury lodge tent for 2 – 4 people outdoor glamping vacation. The lodge tents are framed with galvanized steel tube and covered with PVC coated fabrics to make it waterproof, and wind withstand. The lodge tent house with a higher foundation is suitable to be set on grass, sand land, or mud ground.
  2. Wild safari tent for family glamping resort. Using the same structural system as the luxury lodge tents, the safari tents with attached terrace/patio are larger to accommodate 4 to 10 people. It provides a bigger and more comfortable space for family.
  3. Eco living dome house for campsite set in natural reserve or around arctic circle. The lodging dome house is the geodesic structure that is fast erected and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require a preset foundation that will do harm to the ground.

We can also provide accessories like air conditioner, shower system, toilet, and etc.

Glitzcamp – The First and Final Stop to Start A Glamping Resorts Business

The glamping campsite project includes tented accommodation with luxury decorations from Glitzcamp. Far more than that, the desert resort is also constructed with spa, indoor sports court, covered swimming pool, banquet and event hall from SHELTER structure. Both companies work together to make a campsite more functional.

Glamping resorts tents are not only available in desert countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabic, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco. We also offer shipping to any countries around the world. Tell us your ideas and work with us. 

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