How the Tent Rental Make Profit? The ROI of Glamping Tent!

Earn Income by Tent Rental Business

Want to start up glamping tent rental business? No matter you want to make the glampsite as a full-time job or get the extra income. You may wonder when will get the profit and how to choose the product to start glamping business. Here’s a short summary of the basic cost and the ROI of the glamping tent. See how fast one tipi tent or bell tent will pay off? Glamping is becoming the trend of a short trip on the weekend and holiday. And it is available for any audience, family, couple, friends and honeymoon. Thousands of hotels and campsites are cashing in the glampisite business, making the high profit for renting out the accommodation. Ready to test the waters with glamping? We will share the ROI of staring glampsite by luxury tent.

How Much Will A Hotel Tent Cost?

For example, the 5000*5000mm bell tent which could accommodate 3 – 5 people costs $225.87, no forget the shipping fee (for example to New Zealand about $176.46, depending on the actual situations). For a more affordable solution, we will recommend you to buy more than 3 sets. The hotel tent package including the central pole, door bar, cotton cover fabric, wind rope, nail as well as the hand tools you will need during the assembly. To enrich the accommodations type, the hotel tent can be optional in 3000*3000mm, 4000*4000mm, 5000*5000mm and 6000*6000mm to your specific need.   Eventually, add the cost of living facilities under the tent including bedding, light, carpet, low-level table, and other decorations (around $400). The total cost of the whole bell tent is about $810.

The Investment and Return of Tent Rent

Now, we make a quick calculation of potential income and return on investment based on the assumption: 1. already own a land / campsite, and 2. buy the 5000*5000mm hotel tent. As shown above, the cost of setting up a hotel tent costs $810. Let assume that the average price of renting out the tent per night is $143 (source from ). Base on 60% occupancy during summer and spring seasons, your bell tent could be rented out for about 110 nights.

Tent Cost (includes the interior facilities): $810

Avg. Rate per Night: $143

Est. Number of nights booked: 110

Revenue after renting 6 nights: $143/night x 6 nights = $858

Revenue after 6 months: $143/night x 110 nights = $15,730

The above calculation demonstrates that one glamping tent would pay off in full after 6 nights of rentals. In this time, you could desire a full return on other essential investments including the marketing fee of social media promotion, labor costs, and other infrastructure on the campsite. So if you buy more than one tent and operate the campsite for more than 6 months. You will get a high profit from the campsite.

The price source from

Meanwhile, you may have not the campsite or idle land for renting bell tent accommodation. Actually, you could run a tent rental business to earn income.

Tent Cost (excludes the interior facilities): $402

Avg, Rate per Night: $110

Revenue after renting 5 tents: $110/night x 5 tents = $550

This is the approximate profit of renting glamping tent. Imagine, if you buy more than one glamping tent, the shipping fee could be saved and the profit will raise.

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