How To Choose A Glamping Wedding Tent

What Is Glamping Wedding And Why Choose It?

Glamping wedding is one of outdoors wedding style. But compared with traditional outdoors wedding, glamping wedding is more special and unforgettable. The glamping wedding always is held in the wide life but encompass the accommodation and dinning.

The range of choosing the wedding destination is wide, from the remote and silent mountain to the magnificent canyon. The bride,groom and their invited guests can take the time behind the brain and celebrate all night.

Diverse Glamping Wedding Tent

There are lots of glamping tents can be choosed. Here are a few of the most popular choice. You can make your decision according the surrounding environment,climate and the style you want to accomplish.

bell tent - canvas tent supplier - glamping tent

Bell Tent is the most popular benefit to its affordable price and elegant shape. The bell tent that put in a circle creates a cozy area for them to chat and interact. When the night falls down and the lights are on, the wedding party is ready!

Common Size: 3-5m

Accommodate: 2-8 persons

Price: $200/set-$400/set

The dome tents can be built as a dressing and lounge rooms for bride, groom, groomsman and bridesmaids. Also, it can accommodate family or friends.

The transparent bay window will cut down the barrier between the room and nature. 100% transparent is available. That’s not a bad choice to decorate it as a outdoors bar or dinning area, which can enrich the wedding program.

Size: Dia5m-8m is suitable for accommodation; Dia10m-20m is suitable for outdoor dinning zone.

Price: $30/m²-$60/m²

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It is another style of luxury glamping tent distinct from two tents above. The widerness style is suitable for the forest venue. It will be a creative and special wedding room for the bride and groom.

Common Size: 56m*2/43m*2

Accommodate: 2-8persons

Price: $5000/set-$10000/set

In this age of freedom, we have diverse wedding styles to choose from. But the way we love our couple is single from the past to the future. What we want to give to each other are the best things. Just like the reason why choosing glamping wedding is we want to give him/her the blessings from all things in the world.

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