How To Get Easy Recovery For The Event Industry During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic to the event industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for a long time and take a global view, it will not be eliminated in a short time. In other words, it is hard to make the event industry flourishing again like the past time before the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because what the essence of the “Event Industry” is that many people gather together, which will greatly increase the chance of pneumonia and is banned by the government. In a word, the event industry is hard to develop at this critical moment and needs to find other ways to seek the fortune on the basis of rational utilization of existing customers’ resources.

How to reduce the loss of the event industry

The event industry and tourism are developing in the opposite direction, nowadays, the demand for the resort and tour is on an increasing tread. Because blocked by the COVID-19 for a long time, many persons don’t want to stay at home anymore and go on vacation to get rid of the boring. Do you know what this means? It means that the hotel and the camp will be full, especially the camp, because most people prefer to spend their vacation in a place with fresh air and prevent the virus.

Can you grasp the chance to go through the difficult time of the event industry, as the event planner or the event tent sales? The customer of the event industry is similar to tourism, as the owner of the hotel, resort, commercial center, and so on. With the increasing demand for people in leisure and holiday, they need a much more living tent. According to the different tendencies of these two industries and the customers’ different needs, you can start cross-selling which means besides the events tent you can promote but also the living tent, however, the living tent should be the most important part.

Which living tent is the best choice?

Now, the question then arises: Which living tent you should choose? Considering the cost and the time, I recommend you to choose the dome tent and safari tent that are affordable and can be finished in a short time. These two advantages of tents can satisfy the hotel and camp operators because it means that they can cost not much money and get the recovery of their investment and the profit rapidly.

Dome Tent

Safari Tent

Both tents with unique and attractive shape and sturdy structure can resist 8-10 strong wind, what’s more, the snow load also meet the international standards, thus, no need to worry about the safety. The dome tent and the safari tent have 100% available space to be decorated by the owners, which can create a comfortable living environment for the tourists even in the forest or mountains. If the owners don’t know how to decorate, we have professional teams to give them the suggestion and plan.

The main advantage of these two tents is that they can provide the tourists with an independent space and make the tourists keep the social distance with other people. Under the present form, it would be an important selling point, because keeping the social distance with other people is the best way to protect the tourists’ health and safety on vacation. Based on this feature, the dome also can be used as a cafe, restaurant, and so on.

Besides the dome and safari tent, also can prepare some canvas tent to the hotel and camps, which can increase the diversity of the camp and provide the customers with more choices.

No matter which tents you want, please feel free to contact us that can offer various special glamping tent to you.

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