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  • Application Highland Glamping, Mountain Camp, Seaside Holiday
    Apply to Resort, Campsite
  • Life span & Warranty 10 years
    5 years/8
  • Capacity Small Group
    2-8 People

Dia 3-6m Durable and High Quality Bell Tent For Sale

Why choose a bell tent as accommodation in your campsite

Are you going to add more accommodations or enrich the price positioning in your glampsite? Bell tent will be the perfect option with its outstanding features.
The canvas bell tent would be packed in a waterproof bag, preventing scratches during transportation. Our worldwide delivery service could send the product to your campsite in time. Once on-site, the tent can be standing on any surface quickly in 30 mins.
Meanwhile, the tent could be dismantled easily during the bad weather or low season.

Specifications of cover fabric and ventilation

The cover of the Bell Tent is made of the 320 gsm 100% cotton canvas and PU coating which can make it be weatherproof, anti-mold, and anti-UV. To ensure safety, the seams and the corners are reinforced for added strength. Good ventilation is a vital part of a comfortable interior environment. There are 4 semicircle fly screens on the bottom and 4 small mesh screens on the top which could create ventilation and avoid the incest flying into the tent.

What makes the tent stable and durable

The Poles consist of 38mm main bar and 19mm door bar, which are made of the galvanized steel tube. The pole owns a glossy appearance and anti-rust feature. The tent is easy to set up, even if you are a novice. Just insert all the poles into the sleeves and fix the pole ends, then configure the top sticks in a circular clockwise order and tie them up.

All about the Dia 3-6m Durable and High Quality Bell Tent For Sale.

How to make profit by bell tent

We offer different size options from 3m to 6m which could accommodate 2 - 8 people. Our bell tent kits included almost everything you need to upgrade your campsite. Just add the furniture and essential living facilities, you could welcome your guests in a rapid manner!
For the campsite owner who is doing accommodation rental, your guests could enjoy an unforgettable camping experience under such a fabulous tent.
If you want to do a tent rental business to earn extra income, the bell tent is easy to be delivered with a small package and low maintenance after the tent return.

canvas bell tent for sales

  1. Parameters

    Dimension Dia.3-6m (Approx. 9.8-19.69ft)
    Indoor Area 28.26-113.04 Sqm(Approx. 304.19-1216.75 sq.ft)
    Poles Material galvanized steel tube
    Covering Material PU Membrane
    Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2)
    Custom Service Multiple Options for Size, Covering Material and Fabric Color

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canvas bell tent for sales

Design Proposal
Ground Sheet 540gsm ripstop PVC, waterproof , detached with the tent by a zipper.
Ventilation The bell tent has windows and vents with mesh.
Cover Durable 300 gsm waterproof cotton canvas with PU coating.
Poles 38mm main bar, 19mm door bar,  galvanized steel tube.

canvas bell tent for sales

  1. Are canvas tents better?

    Good insulation- Canvas is a much better insulator than nylon, so it will keep you warmer in colder conditions. Breathable- Canvas is a natural material and this means it is more breathable. This is the reason a canvas tent does not get condensation like a nylon tent.

  2. How do you maintain a canvas tent?

    1. Spray your tent thoroughly with water before using it for the first time.
    2. Allow your tent to dry completely before you pack it away for storage.
    3. Secure your tent properly when pitching it, so that strong winds cannot dislodge and damage it.
    4. Check that you have all parts and components before and after your trip.

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