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  • Application Lakeside Resort, Mountain Camp, Seaside Holiday
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    • Life span & Warranty 15 years
    • Capacity Small Group
      2-3 people

    Waterdrop Dome Pod for Comfortable Outdoor Life

    Waterdrop Dome Pod for Tented Resort

    Recently, Glitzcamp has provided many types of glamping tents for a first-class large tented resort, including one of our latest designs – Waterdrop Dome Pod.

    In this project, Waterdrop dome tents are designed as deluxe double rooms for outdoor accommodation. Compared to the simple camping tents, our luxury waterdrop domes offer people a cozy outdoor life.

    If you are interested in this tented resort in the city, you can learn more by viewing this project video Glamping in The City Camp as well as this project blog First Class Tented Resort in Jilin City.

    Fully Equipped Dome Hotel for Cozy Accommodation

    Waterdrop dome tent gives those living inside a comfortable and memorable glamping experience. With an indoor space of 38.5sqm (414 sq.ft), the waterdrop dome pod can be furnished with full equipment, such as a kingsize bed, two single sofas, air conditioner and a bathroom.

    With full equipment and reasonable space design, a dew dome tent of Glitzcamp makes roomy living space enough for 2-3 people, such as couples, nuclear families, and small teams.

    All about the Waterdrop Dome Pod for Comfortable Outdoor Life.

    Small Outdoor Terrace with Wooden Recliners

    As shown on the right, the waterdrop pod of Glitzcamp is built on a wooden platform, thus creating a small outdoor terrace. Placed two wooden recliners on top, dewdrop eco-friendly dome tents provide a resting area for the glampers.

    When people have enough rest in the room, they can sit outside and blow the cool breeze and enjoy the beautiful scenery with their companions.

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    1. Parameters

      Dimension Dia.7m (Approx. 23 ft)
      Indoor Area 38.5 Sqm(Approx. 414 sq.ft)
      Framework Material Powder-Coat Galvanized Steel Pipes
      Covering Material PVC Tarpaulin
      Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2), Weather Protection, Shock Resistant

    Design Proposal
    Door Round PVC Door, Double or Single Wing Glass Door, Aluminum Door
    Floor Carpet, Wooden/Tile Floor
    Lighting & lining
    Insulation system Insulation Layer for Heat Preserve
    Ventilation system/ HAVC
    Cover Clear Cutaway, Printed Logo, Optional Colors for The Top
    1. How long will it last?

      Our Dewdrop Dome Tents’ life span can be over 15 years if looked after as per our recommendations. They are made with galvanized steel pipes and quilty PVDF tarpaulin. They are even strong enough to handle high winds and heavy rain as well. Additionally, you can store in a dry clean warehouse to extend its life span if you don’t use it for a while.

    2. Do I need planning permission for the dome?

      The domes are classified as temporary structures, so it is arguable that you do not need planning permission, especially if you decide to take them down over the winter period. However, every planning department is different and you may need consent for a change of use for the land the tent is placed on. You must check this with your local planning office or ask a planning consultant to do this on your behalf.

    3. How is the dome ventilated?

      Our domes are designed with ventilation in mind. The roof, door, round windows, and portions of the sidewalls can be replaced with screens. If your environment doesn't allow for screens, due to excessive rain fall, we recommend using a solar fan to aid in ventilation.

    4. How do I install a wood stove in it?

      There are a number of wood burning stoves and fitting kits we would recommend. You can do this yourself, if you are happy you won’t wreck your new tent. However, there are fitting services available too.

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