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  • Application Dining Hall, Greenhouse Garden, Hot tub Cover, Lounge & Reception
      Apply to Resort, Campsite
    • Life span & Warranty 15 years

    Easy- Install Igloo Tent To Diversify Your Glamping Site

    Grand Application Of Igloo Tent

    A transparent igloo tent creates a relatively private space for users, however, which performs a high degree of fusion with the surrounding environment. When they stay inside, all mess and noise can’t get closer only the magnificent nature scene and sweet talk. Accordingly, it would be an ideal partner with outdoor dining space, spa, and lounge. Of course, it will be much better if there is music played accompany by romantic lights.

    Some event organizers also use it as outdoor wedding decoration, yoga venue, and outdoor cinema. Especially during the COVID-19,, the requirement has a rapid growth. It provides them with an effective solution to divide the social distance. Benefit to its attractive design, the igloo tent will never be outdated and highlight your event. After the epidemic is defeated, it will also be an on-trend igloo.

    All about the Easy- Install Igloo Tent To Diversify Your Glamping Site.

    Why Choose This Igloo Tent

    The common designs are the inflatable bubble tent, pop-up igloo, PVC igloo, and PC igloo tent. The bubble tent and pop-up igloo tent are easy - install but have worse weather resistance than the last two ones. The last two can withstand the strong rain and wind with their frame. According to the features, they also can be dangled some lights or other heavy decoration. Among these four igloos, the PC dome tent has top performance in transparency and safety. All is perfect except for the high cost. The PVC igloo is the cheaper replacement for the PC igloo.

    If you are looking for an affordable igloo tent for long-term use, the PCV igloo tent can fulfill your requirement.

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    1. Parameters

      Dimension Dia.4m (Approx. 13 ft)
      Indoor Area 78.5 Sqm(Approx. 135 sq.ft)
      Framework Material Powder-Coat Steel Pipes
      Covering Material PVC Membrane
      Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2), Weather Protection, Shock Resistant
      Custom Service Multiple Options for Size, Covering Material and Fabric Color

    Design Proposal
    Window PVC Window, Round Window, Triangular Window, Glass Window
    Door Triangle door, Rectangular door, Round door
    1. How long will it last?

      Our domes’ lifespan can be over 15 years if looked after as per our recommendations. They are made of strong aluminum alloy.  They are even strong enough to handle high winds and heavy rain as well. Additionally, you can store in a dry clean warehouse to extend its lifespan if you don’t use it for a while.

    2. How long will I take to install it?

      It depends on the size of the dome tent. 4-6m igloo tent can be installed in 2-4 hours by 2-3 persons.

    3. How do I install a wood stove in it?

      There are a number of wood-burning stoves and fitting kits we would recommend. You can do this yourself if you are happy you won’t wreck your new tent. However, there are fitting services available too.

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