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  • Application Greenhouse Garden, Highland Glamping, Lakeside Resort
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    • Life span & Warranty 25 years
    • Capacity Small Group
      2-3 people

    6m Transparent Glass Geodesic Dome in Leisure Park

    Glass Geodesic Dome for Unique Glamping Experience

    In this leisure park, there are already some container hotels as accommodation facilities, but the owners still wanted to expand services by providing something unique.

    In order to create a unique new outdoor experience for travelers, as our customers expected, Glitzcamp recommends the glass living domes with better safety factor and higher end exterior.

    What’s more, the glass dome is fully in line with the concept of natural ecology. Not only can it be highly integrated into the surroundings, but also has no impact on the environment around during its construction or disassembly.

    360° Transparent Space to Get Closer to Nature

    Glass Living Dome is always one of our hot products. What makes the glass dome tent attractive is that it moves the hotel into the wild. Staying inside it, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern homes, as well as enjoy the beautiful natural landscape.

    With a spacious interior of 28㎡, besides conventional furniture such as beds, tables and chairs, a dia.6m glass geodesic dome also has enough space for an integrated bathroom.

    At the same time, the fully transparent cover creates a 360° all-clear space, thus allows guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery indoors without any visual obstruction. This means that you can look up at the stars when you lie down, and admire the flowers and birds when you sit down.

    The transparent glass dome will give you an unparalleled immersive glamping experience, just like living in the Crystal Palace in a fairy tale.

    All about the 6m Transparent Glass Geodesic Dome in Leisure Park.

    Specification of Glass Dome Tent

    The 7 sets of glass domes are built on wooden platforms, thus avoiding direct contact with wet grass.
    Framed with hard-pressed aluminum alloy, and enclosed with glass or polycarbonate panel, the glass dome has superior performances such as wind resistance, UV resistance and water resistance.

    Ventilation System and Curtain System

    In order to maintain good ventilation and proper temperature indoors, we equipped each glass dome tent with a solar exhaust fan, an openable triangular window and an air conditioner.
    In addition, the installation of aluminum alloy glass doors and curtain system also guarantees security, privacy and sunlight control.

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    1. Parameters

      Dimension Dia.6m (Approx. 19 ft)
      Indoor Area 28.26 sqm(Approx. 304 sq.ft)
      Framework Material Aluminium Alloy Structure
      Covering Material Glass/PC Panels
      Features Waterproof, Stainless, Durable, Lightweight, Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2), Weather Protection, Shock Resistant
      Custom Service Multiple Options for Size, Covering Material and Panel Color

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    glass dome house

    Design Proposal
    Door Double or Single Wing Glass Door, Aluminum Door
    Floor Carpet, Cement/Wooden/Tile Floor
    Lighting & lining
    Temperature control system Air Conditioner, Stove
    Ventilation system/ HAVC
    Cover Optional Colors for PC Panels

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    1. Do the glass panes break easily?

      All our standard glass domes houses are constructed with armored glass which is rarely break, even in high winds. Due to the unique way the glass is held in the triangles and is never under tension.  If glass does break, it is likely to be only a single pane, so can be cut by a local glazier and fixed quickly.

    2. How long will it last?

      Our glass dome houses’ life span can be over 25 years if looked after as per our recommendations. They are made with strong aluminium alloy, stainless steel and quality glass, are virtually maintenance free. They can even be dismantled and rebuilt making them very cost effective over their lifespan.

    3. Do they get hot in summer?

      A glass dome house will always be several degrees hotter than the external temperature. But our domes do not get as hot as standard shaped greenhouses if all the ventilation is open. Ventilation is provided via the door, windows and skylight so the hot air can escape and not build up. On the hottest sunny days, when all the ventilation is open, thereis litter difference in temperature between inside and out.

    4. Do I need planning permission for this type of tent?

      The dome house is classified as temporary structures, so it is arguable that you do not need planning permission. However, every planning department is different and you may need consent for a change of use for the land the tent is placed on. You must check this with your local planning office or ask a planning consultant to do this on your behalf.

    5. How much does shipping cost?

      There is no set price for shipping. Costs are depending on the quantity and the model of the tent you are ordering, as well as your port of destination. Please keep in mind that brokerage, duties, taxes, and other costs related to shipping/import at the destination country port, are not included in the freight quote estimate that we will send you.

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