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  • Application Family Cottage, glamping box, Outdoor Restaurant, Safari Resort
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  • Life span & Warranty 10 years
    5 years/8
  • 2-8 people

Tented Cabin — An Indispensable Tent For Glamping

What is tented cabin?

If you want to get into the glamping world, you might want to look into tented cabin closely! Cabin tents are more commonly known as safari tents. They’re somewhere between a cabin and a tent; they offer all the comfort and convenience of a traditional cabin, yet they provide a ‘sleeping under the stars’ experience like a tent.

Compared with traditional camping tents, cabin tents are designed to be a stronger and more permanent option. But why choose a cabin tent over a cabin? The main reason is the cost benefits. A cabin tent is much cheaper to buy than it is to have a cabin constructed – it could be as much as half the price. Cabin tents are also much quicker to construct. You just need a week or even several days to complete them. At the same time, with cabin tents, you don’t have to consider the additional building development permit and approvals needed to build a traditional cabin.

All about the Tented Cabin — An Indispensable Tent For Glamping.

Why tented cabin is indispensable in glamping?

The frame material of the tented cabin is zinc coated stainless steel pipe. As we all know, it is stainless and very strong. Its tarpaulin material is encrypted Oxford fabric with PU coating, which is characterized by being perfectly waterproof, fireproof, UV-proof, mildewproof and mosquito-proof. So the overall structure is very friendly to places with extreme weather. As is shown in the picture, it has many and usually large windows. You will have nice views around, yet when you need some privacy you have panels and you can close them completely.

In addition, cabin tents have vertical wall, making 100% of the tents’ footprint is usable space. They can be configured with multiple beds and an array of furnishings, including bedsides, a table setting, sofa, television etc. It is a great choice whether used as a glamping reception room, glamping dining room or family living room.

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  1. Parameters

    Dimension 5m*7m (Approx. 16.4 ft*23 ft) 5m*9m (Approx. 16.4 ft*30 ft)
    Indoor Area 35 sqm(Approx. 378 sq.ft)
    45 sqm(Approx. 484.4 sq.ft)
    Framework Material Zinc Coated Stainless Steel Pipe
    Covering Material Oxford Fabric
    Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (CPAI-84), Weather Protection, Shock Resistant
    Custom Service Multiple Options for Size, Covering Material and Fabric Color

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5mx7m tented cabin for sale

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5mx9m tented cabin for sale

Design Proposal
Bolt Stainless Steel Bolt And Nut/Dovetail Nail
Zipper SBS Zipper
PVC Anti Tear Mesh、Anti Freeze $ Transparent PVC (-40 Degrees)
Clippe 100% Plastic Clipper
Button Nickle Coated Brass Button
Rope 8mm Anti Aging Rope
  1. Are canvas tents better?

    Good insulation- Canvas is a much better insulator than nylon, so it will keep you warmer in colder conditions. Breathable- Canvas is a natural material and this means it is more breathable. This is the reason a canvas tent does not get condensation like a nylon tent.

  2. How do you maintain a canvas tent?

    1.Spray your tent thoroughly with water before using it for the first time. 2.Allow your tent to dry completely before you pack it away for storage. 3.Secure your tent properly when pitching it, so that strong winds cannot dislodge and damage it. 4.Check that you have all parts and components before and after your trip.

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