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  • Application Lounge & Reception, Outdoor Restaurant, Seaside Holiday
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    • Life span & Warranty 15 years

    Tensile Reception Tent Lodge for Outdoor Lounge Area

    Large Reception Tent Lodge for Outdoor Space

    More than just for accommodation, Glitzcamp also has tent designs for dining and lounge, such as the reception tent lodge in this article.

    This tent is really a simple and effective structure. Just as you can see in the pictures, the main structure of this tent consists of two parts, one is the solid steel frame and the other is the quality tensile membrane. The tensile membrane has large tensile strength and good ductility, which can cover more outdoor space.

    The tarpaulin of the reception tent is topped by a central support column, and the four corners of the tent are pulled and unfolded, thus creating a shaded outdoor space for resting. With some tables and chairs, it could become an outdoor dining area. People can sit and relax, chat and have coffee here.

    Weatherproof Tent Shelter for Outdoor Activities

    Our reception tent lodge is covered with tensile membranes and connected to the ground through steel pipes. The roofing tarpaulin is waterproof to protect people from bad weather. When the sun is strong, it can provide people with a shade. It also provides people with a place to shelter from the rain.

    By using bolts, the tent can be firmly fixed to the ground, so you don’t have to worry about the tent being blown away by the wind. Our tents can withstand strong winds of 100km/h.

    The tensile tent lodge can create a huge unobstructed visual space and effectively increase the space use area. In addition, the tent shape can be varied according to the designer’s creativity and imagination, reflecting a unique beauty different from rectilinear buildings. Membrane color is also optional to fit more themes.

    Besides the open reception tent lodge, Glitzcamp’s geodome tent is also a good choice for reception and cafe. The dome can form a closed indoor space to shelter people from wind and rain, so it is very popular with the camps. In our glamping projects, there is a dia.20m catering dome tent in the desert and dia.10m dome igloo on the mountain for reception and dining.

    All about the Tensile Reception Tent Lodge for Outdoor Lounge Area.

    Few Restrictions on Ground Conditions

    Our lodge tents have almost no restrictions on ground conditions, especially this reception tent lodge.

    The reception tent can be set up on soft grass or on the beach. It can also be placed on the hard concrete floor or wooden floor. In addition to the flat ground, we have developed a mature fixing method to install tents on uneven ground. By using the platform, our tents can also be installed on hillsides or by the lake.

    No matter where your campsite is, the high quality tents from Glitzcamp can also help to build the glamping business.

    1. Parameters

      Shade Area 60-100 sqm
      Framework Material Steel Pipes
      Covering Material Tensile Membrane
      Features Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN 4102 B1/M2), Weather Protection, Shock Resistant
      Custom Service Multiple Options for Size, Covering Material and Fabric Color

    image description

    Floor Plan of Reception Lodge Tent

    Design Proposal
    Floor Concrete/Wooden/Tile Floor
    Structure Type Steel Structure
    Cover Tensile Membrane
    Application Cafe/Dining/Lounge/Reception

    Effect Picture of Reception Lodge Tent

    1. Should I Buy Extra Platform for this reception tent?

      No. Glitzcamp can offer a full set cafe tent including the structures, inner and outer tarpaulin, inside partition wall and door, base and platform structures and floor. For the platform, after finishing the platform structures, PVC tarp would perfectly seal with them for keep away from moisture, small animals especially the cafe house is built on stilts. Besides, it would be smoother to lay the floorboards on the platform structures.

    2. Do You Take Up the Installation?

      No. Each tent would have installation inspection before delivery.  There are two ways for your option: One way: Come and see the entire progress at our factory. The engineer will do the base introduction and training. Another way: we will collect all the installation instruction (images and step by step installation video) and send you through when the goods are in position. If necessary, we can arrange engineers to guide you construction, just charged per day.

    3. If these cafe tents can sustain wind flow as we are at a lakeside which is open to sea?

      The standard design could resist 80km/h. They should be fixed on the cement or wooden platform. For not taking any risk to build up an accommodation, please kindly send us the map link of your location.

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