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Safari Lodge Beach Resort Tent For Campsite

Compared to ordinary camping, safari tent outdoors is more enjoyable. Safari tent melts European elegant and African wildness in one. Because of extremely strong stainless steel material and double waterproof PVC fabric for cover, Glitzcamp safari tent does well in fire resistance, heat preservation, waterproof and wind resistance. Also, it shows excellence in sound insulation, self-cleaning capability. Therefore, the life-span of a Safari Tent is over 25 years for its durable profiles.

No support column, Glitzcamp safari tent outdoors creates a wonderful spacious living area. It is furnished as well as your home.  Floor, air-condition, bath & toilet accessories and other modern equipment are accessible, let alone comfortable beddings, clean water and electricity.

With all the composite components, our safari tent is easy to build up and take down. It is getting more and more popular with hotels, resorts, golf courses, campsites and so on. Customized service is available.

Glamping outdoors is a trend that will change the sector. Relax in a peaceful countryside and let the day to day troubles pass you by. Light, bright and airy, this thoughtfully decorated Safari Lodge Tent offers a great base camp to explore the surrounding area.


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