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  • Application Covered Pool & Spa
      Apply to Resort, Campsite
    • Life span & Warranty 20 years

    Economical Low Height Telescopic Pool Enclosures for Sale

    Are you searching for economical but durable enclosures solutions to cover residential private pool? Glitzcamp specially designs the low height telescopic pool enclosures to meet your need.

    Differ from the skylight enclosures with extra height for commercial application, the low height telescopic pool enclosures are just made to fully cover the swimming pool, which cost on unnecessary material.

    What’s more, the width, length and height can all be custom made according to your actual need. If you want an outdoor sun house covering the pool as well as a lounge area, we can all make it.

    The telescopic pool enclosures are framed with hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy, and covered with reinforced glass/polycarbonate panel. The structure itself shares a lifespan of over 20+ years. And the covering materials are all proven to be waterproof, anti-aging, and durable.

    All about the Economical Low Height Telescopic Pool Enclosures for Sale.

    Our Service

    1. Product Introduction - Our professional sales manager will give a detailed product introduction and tent suggestion due to practical situation.
    2. 3D Digital Mock up - Our designing team will help making a renderings to simulate the overall structure.
    3. Quotation & PI Signing - We are the tent manufacturer that promise to offer sun house enclosures in an economical, affordable price.
    4. Production Schedule - We will arrange the production according to the actual delivery date, we are committed to delivery within the agreed time limit.
    5. Installation Test - Every tent products from Glitzcamp are delivered after installation test to ensure the tent quality.
    6. Worldwide Delivery - Glitzcamp has rich experience delivering products to countries around the world, including United States, Canada in North America; Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia in South America; Australia, New Zealand in Oceania; United Kingdom, German, France, Sweden, Poland, Spain and etc in Europe; Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe in Africa; India, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan in Asia.
    7. On-site Installation Guidance - We have our own installation team to offer on-site instruction if required.
    8. Maintenance Support - Let along the backup material case, we also provide 3 years warranty for our structures.

    Glitzcamp Tent Service

    1. Framework

      Framework Overview
      Main Profile Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
      Components Superior Enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel.
      Features Stainless, light weight
      Enclosure Shapes Flat style, Single Sloped Style, Gable/"A" frame Style, Arched Dome Style, Mansard Style, Hip style

    2. Roofing & Sidewall Material

      Covering Material
      Material Polycarbonate panel (including PC Hollow Sheets and PC Solid Sheets), or transparent reinforce glass panel
      Optional Panel Color Green, Transparent, Blue, Brown, Embassed Sheet, Light/dard grey
      Features Weather Resistance (Temp.: -30℃ to 80℃); 98% UV Resistance; Fire Retardant (B1); Strong Hardness (67MPa), high transmittance, long lifespan.

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    Design Proposal

    1. Openable Screen Windows
    2. Automatic Skylight Windows
    3. Enclosed Front Door & Extension
    4. Arched Sliding Door

    1. How long will it last and is it safe?

      Our  tents’ life span can be over 25 years if taken care of properly. This includes keeping proper tension and keeping the tent generally clean. They are all made of components that are all individually replaceable as they weather. Our tents are made of strong aluminum alloy material, stainless steel and quality PVC cover. They are constructed on a stable foundation, performing well in waterproof, wind-resistant and flame retardant.

    2. Do I need to take it down and store it over the winter?

      While this is possible, and may help with planning restrictions, there are some considerations for packing away the tent over the winter. Firstly, you will need a dry space to store the equipment. This has to be rodent free and the tent has to be packed down properly to avoid any rips or tears.

    3. How do I fit a wood burning stove in it?

      There are a number of wood burning stoves and fitting kits we would recommend. You can do this yourself, if you are happy you won’t wreck your new tent. However, there are fitting services available too.

    4. How much does shipping cost?

      There is no set price for shipping. Costs are depending on the quantity and the model of the tent you are ordering, as well as your port of destination. Please keep in mind that brokerage, duties, taxes, and other costs related to shipping/import at the destination country port, are not included in the freight quote estimate that we will send you.

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