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Turnkey Glamping Solution | Glamping Village Hajime

Are you planning a camp and looking for a good recommendation and a practical scheme? Glitzcamp can satisfy all your requests, cause we will provide you with a turnkey solution about the reasonable division and design of the accommodation, entertainment, and catering area like this Japan project. Glamping Village Hajime is distributed in a ladder [...]

Stunning Glamping Dome Suite for Forest Eco Resort

Weekend Holidays Business of Forest Eco Resort Nowadays, those people living in cities have more and more pressures in their work and life. When the weekend is coming, they long to get a relaxing weekend holiday and breathe the fresh air in nature. So there are more and more forest ecological resorts appear all around [...]

A Luxury Desert Resort as Unique Glamping Destination

Unique Glamping Experience in Luxury Desert Resort Where will be your ultimate destination to go for a luxury camping? Will it be the tropical beaches of the Maldives? Will it be the high mountain camp with stunning sunrise in Spain? Or the rainforest resort so close to nature? Or maybe you will go deep into [...]

Luxury Eco Dome Resort for Stargazing Tour in Hawaii

Another Beauty of Hawaii is Waiting for Your Discovery When it comes to Hawaii, what do you first think of? Hot sunlight, blue waves and vast beaches? In addition to this, Glitzcamp also offers a one-of-a-kind glamping experience in Hawaii. This time, Glitzcamp set up a wonderful eco dome resort in a ranch of Hawaii [...]

Turnkey Solutions for Large-scale Glampsites Planning

How to Conduct Large-scale Glampsites Planning? Glamping business is growing vigorously like a raging fire all around the world. More and more campsites/resorts are built at present. How to make your glamping sites stand out the peers? I think you must have a good even perfect glampsites planning. However, as the Chinese proverb says, everybody [...]

Different Sizes of Dome Tents in Luxury Desert Campsite

One More Desert Campsite by Glitzcamp Opened in Jordan As the leading glamping tent manufacturer in China, Glitzcamp has helped our global clients successfully set up their luxury camps around the world. Not long ago, there is one more desert campsite built by Glitzcamp opens in the Middle East. The first luxury desert resort by [...]

Multi-type of Glamping Tent Solution for Jungle Resort

Turnkey Tent Solution for Integrated Jungle Resort As the leading glamping tent manufacturer in China, Glitzcamp has successfully offered the clients their turnkey tent solutions to build luxury resorts or campsites around the world. No matter where your campsite is, Glitzcamp always uses their extensive experience to assist you with the glamping business. This time, [...]

All Seasons Dome Tent for Winter Resort Glamping

Glitzcamp Glamping Domes Introduction Lately, a winter resort on a high mountain opened - Hill_inn. The resort choose glitzcamp 6m dome tent to build their resort, which can immerse in the nature. The video on the right will show the features of our dome and why choose us. Just watch and know more! {{ vc_btn: [...]

Start An Airbnb Business by Glamping in Valley Camp

Glamping Is A Good Choice for Airbnb Provider If you own an idle land, how would you use it to get the most profit? In case that the land would be used for other purposes in the future, it is a good idea to combine Glamping with Airbnb to build semi-permanent constructions. For landowners, it not [...]

Glamping Rainforest Resort for Returning to Nature

Rainforest Resort - One of The Closest Natural Destination If you have a chance to choose a place for in-depth glamping, where would be your dream destination? Is it on a sunny beach, with a damp sea breeze and hot sunshine? Still on the endless prairie, to realize your heroic dream of horseback archery? Or [...]

A Magical Glamping Place in Spain Mountain Camp

Phenomenal Location in Spain As a tourist country, Spain is famous for its fine climate and beautiful scenery. This time, Glitzcamp's new project is located in the scenic Spain. This place is really perfect for a wonderful glamping vacation. The luxury mountain camp is located on 10.000sqm of private land. And this land hasn't been much [...]

Perfect Holiday Getaway to Myogi-Yama Glamping Resort

Luxury Glamping Resort in Japan In the past few years, Glamping has gradually become popular around the world, which is an amalgamation of glamour and camping. If you want to spend an unusual outdoor vacation, a luxury glamping trip is something you shouldn't miss. Recently, Glitzcamp completed the construction of a mountain glamping resort in [...]

A Glamping Spiritual Journey to Prairie Camp

Nowadays, pressure is an eternal topic of urban life. Living a fast-paced modern life, people will more or less accumulate different degrees of pressure. Decompression has also become a compulsory course for urbanites. In this case, Glamping came into being, and has become one of the best ways for people to relieve stress. A fusion of glamour and camping, glamping has [...]

Perfect Glamping Lakeside Resort

Topnotch Glamping Lakeside Resort in Shiga Japan In Japan, there is a glamping lakeside resort just completed by Glitzcamp, which is a boon for those who have difficulty to choose their holidays destination. Whatever you expected before you came here, you will get more than you expected. So just relax yourself and enjoy your holidays […]

First Class Tented Resort in Jilin City

World-Class Outdoor Luxury Tented Resort in Jilin City Multiple Choices of Glamping Tents for Event and Accommodation In this city tented resort, Glitzcamp has set up various glamping tents for events and accommodation. Apart from some regular glamping tents, we also offer custom designed tents to satisfy our clients’ special demands. Starry Dome Igloo for 2-3 […]

Tents for Desert Lotus Hotel

Luxury Lodge Tents for Glamping Resorts Project in Inner Mongolia Glitzcamp – the subordinate company of Shelter Prefab Architecture, is honored to participate in the desert glamping resorts construction. Built in a remote desert in Inner Mongolia, this is the place where you can escape from the chaos, and completely relaxed. Optional Products for Glamping […]

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