Stunning Glamping Dome Suite for Forest Eco Resort

Weekend Holidays Business of Forest Eco Resort

Nowadays, those people living in cities have more and more pressures in their work and life. When the weekend is coming, they long to get a relaxing weekend holiday and breathe the fresh air in nature.

So there are more and more forest ecological resorts appear all around the world. And this business is in the early stages of development. What’s more, if you are intending to invest such a weekend business, the quicker you set up a forest eco resort, the earlier and more you get the return.

Stunning Glamping Dome Tent

Have you been looking forward to a camping opportunity since childhood? Whether you will hesitate to camp inconvenience. Then, don’t worry, relax all your body and mind and enjoy it. The creative accommodation here, the idea is taken from “camping”, but unlike camping, it is more comfortable and safe.

While offering a perfect view and tranquil environment, the camp will also give you the luxury and comfort of a five-star hotel, 24-hour uninterrupted hot water, and perfect privacy protection!

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Deluxe Dome Tent Hotel for Couple

Glitzcamp dome tent is a hemispheroid tent structure, whose outline is full of architectural aesthetics. Personally speaking, I can’t find a geometric figure more attractive than a sphere. I believe most people would be attracted to the domes.

With a queen-size bed inside, the dia.7m dome suite from Glitzcamp will accommodate 2 people living in comfort and luxury. I think it will provide couples an unforgettable glamping holiday here.

Luxury Glamping Dome House for Family

This dia.7m geodome tent has roomy indoor space, reaching 38.5 sqm. And the interior is completely independent without support columns. So the living space can be fully utilized.

The dome tent is smartly designed to different functional areas. It is well equipped and has everything even more people need when they stay outdoors. The dome can offer the glampers all the modern comforts when they are in the wild.

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Transparent Bubble Dome Suite

With a totally transparent appearance, the bubble dome suite is also provide people another alternative for outdoor accommodation in the forest eco resort, although Glitzcamp does not currently offer bubble tents.

Enjoying a 360° panoramic view, the guests staying inside the bubbles can get a romantic starry night, a shining sunshine bathing, a feeling of nature and freedome.

Forest Eco Resort Glamping – Enjoy Luxury in Nature

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping under the stars, but have you ever thought that one day you will sleep in a dome tent? Try these warm and romantic domes in the forest center or on the pond, suitable for marriage, vacation, and various anniversaries. Here, there is no embarrassment, only the birds sing and sing, a completely natural environment.

Beautiful surrounding scenery, a comfortable big bed, a burning wood stove, a huge floor-to-ceiling window, a cozy shower, and an intimate companion, a good time together… What else could you expect from this eco-dome glamping trip?

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