Turnkey Solutions for Large-scale Glampsites Planning

How to Conduct Large-scale Glampsites Planning?

Glamping business is growing vigorously like a raging fire all around the world. More and more campsites/resorts are built at present. How to make your glamping sites stand out the peers? I think you must have a good even perfect glampsites planning.

However, as the Chinese proverb says, everybody has different skills in their own fields. The operator of campsites is good at running the glamping business. And as a professional manufacturer of glamping tents, Glitzcamp has decades of experience in tent design and campsites planning.


Three Stages of Planning A Glamping Site

1.Early Stage: Site Planning

During the preliminary preparation phase, we carefully surveyed the terrain and landform of the camp. This camp is located in a narrow valley, surrounded by mountains and waters, with high terrain, uneven terrain and good natural environment.

For the campsite planner, that means good sites for glamping and hard problem for installation. So we decided to maintain the original landscape to the greatest extent possible and strive not to make permanent changes.

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2.Medium Stage: Product Customization

The tent structure also has an impact on business. It should be consistent with the theme you set according to the location of the campsite.

For farm/ranch/winery, we will recommend our Glamping Dome Series. For example, we provide our Waterdrop dome pod for a lakeside resort in Japan. For those jungle/forest/mountain campsites, the Peak Lodge Tent is also a good choice to blend into the surroundings.

3.Later Stage: Tent Installation

This gorge resort has a complex landscape. It is difficult to set up a traditional building here. To fit with the natural environment, we supply our Thai Villa Tent to the luxury resort.

Thai Villa Tent is divided into internal living areas and external resting areas. There is enough space to equip with various home facilities. You can lie inside to relax your weary body, and also you can sit outside to view the natural beauty.

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Project Feedback of Anlong Gorge Glampsite

This camp project is a public project and is carried out by the local government. When the project was completed, the local government and local people are full of praises.

After the resort is officially opened, the room booking rate is almost full. It promotes the development of local tourism and the growth of local economies. And also tourists get a unique and luxury glamping experience while getting close to nature.

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